Keep Hustlin’


“Persistency is key”.  Those words-of-wisdom were uttered to all of my mother’s children growing up, and has stayed with me throughout my life.  I’ve learned that if you do not ask, you will not receive.  Plain and simple.

Listen, I’m in a space in my life where my passion for my craft is fueling my dogmatic attitude.  As a novice entrepreneur, I’ve always heard that the first few years you are in business are the worst.  Uncharted territory is always a bit scary, however, in my case I find it fascinating.

Change is great!  If I could scream this from the mountain-top, I would.  Mastering my own time and business has given me a renewed sense of achievement that I was vying for in corporate America.  Entrepreneurship definitely comes with its own set of challenges, but without challenges there is no value.

The golden rule, as told to me by my mentors, is that for every 100 “No’s” there’s a “Yes”.  You only need one #YES to open doors.  I’ve lost count of mine.  Keep hustlin’ #ANJELS , your breakthrough is coming.



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